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We can also supply the following products :
Food Commodities


Other food products: Inquiries are welcome
Animal Feed Nutrition

Natural solution for Gut Health and Palatability


Natural, from deseeded fruit of carob tree
For flavouring purposes, for high digestible carbohydrates supply and for reducing risk of diarrhea

High valued Milk Products


Blend of cheese, whey and lactose, for high nutrient concentration more than double that of whey.


Dried, free-flowing cheese product, for performance and palatability enhancer to pig starter, aquaculture feeds
and pet foods

Organic Acidifier


For lowering pH in the gut. Suitable for young animals suffering from stress.

Lower dietary buffering capacity


Suitable for all growing phase diets
Ultimate solution for weaning pigs

Anti-Mold Product


Better taste and multi-acid synergic effect
Animal Milk ReplacersReplacers

Other feed products: Inquiries are welcome
Other Services :
Procurement lacers
We also provide procurement services for products from Southeast Asia, in particular from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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