Magli Enterprises Logo, Established since 1982 Magli Enterprises Logo, Established since 1982
Magli Enterprises was founded in 1982, with the vision to be a significant marketing and distribution company of dairy and cocoa ingredients, and other general food products in the Asia Pacific region.

Magli Global Network

Magli has expanded its network over ten countries in the Asia Pacific today.
Through the years, Magli expanded its network of customers to over ten countries in the Asia Pacific. We developed strong supply partnerships with major manufacturers and traders in the European Union and in Oceania, and we continually seek reliable and supportive suppliers with the objective of providing our customers with the best options.

Today, Magli is known for its professional performances and corporate integrity.

For cocoa products, Magli developed the businesses of quality cocoa ingredients processors in Asia Pacific since 1983. These partnerships have enabled Magli to develop strong insights into the marketing of very high quality cocoa ingredients to Asian customers.

For dairy products, Magli maintains alliances with international traders and manufacturers from the EU and Oceania, in the distribution of a wide range of high quality dairy products and derivatives. Magli is also developing the distribution of health nutrition ingredients such as colostrum and lactoferrin.

Key Advisory Personnel
Mr. Eric Cheong. JP.

Mr. Cheong has had forty-five years of commercial experiences in the banking, retail, personnel services and Co-operative services. He is also a retired Member of the Singapore Parliament.

Dr. Doreen Tan. Senior Microbiologist

Dr. Tan is trained and experienced in many aspects of life sciences, and has also obtained the World Health Organisation Certificate in Advanced Food Microbiology (UK). She is an active member of the Singapore Society for Microbiology & Biotechnology. Previously a polytechnic lecturer in the School of Life Sciences and Chemical Technology for seven years, Dr. Tan is currently an adjunct lecturer with the National Institute of Education/Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and serves as an instructor and researcher in the DNA Centre there.

Mr. Simon Yang

Mr. Yang obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Language from Zhejiang Normal University (China). He also has a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade and a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Tianjin College of Finance and Economics (China) and National Institute of Technology (Singapore), respectively. He also served as an Associate Professor in the Department of International Trade of Wenzhou University (China).